Our LED products can be used in Shops, office, restaurants, takeaways, petrol stations, schools

We are mainly LED Panel and other LED products Importers and installers, if you want to give
your business a completely brand new look and improve your sales or creating a better working
environments than you are dealing with right company.

Our Led Panels and other led products are used by many of the UK's leading companies such as
supermarket chains NISA, COSTCUTER, BARGAIN BOOZ, POST OFFICES and many
suspended ceiling contractors.

We are confident that our LED products are has been used in other EU countries and all has CE,
ROSH, and TUV certification.
HA Electric - LED Panel Lights Installation in Leicester
What we Do?
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Welcome to HA-Electric LED lighting specialist

We are specialise in LED lighting installation for commercial, industrial and domestic customers in

Fully installed panel lights 40w 4500k or 6500k with 3 years warranty for 50.000h life span. Only £55... Call us today for free quotation!
Fire alarm systems
Security systems
Cat 5,6 cabling & network system

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Fully installed panel lights 36w 600x600
6000k with 2 years warranty plus
50.000h life span, Very bright Led Panel light

Only £55

Call us today for free quotation!
We can supply or install with the best price and quality
All our led panels comes with 3 year guarantee.
We offer free quotation, just get in touch

LED Tube Lights
LED Tube Lights energy efficient replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes

Available in all common sizes, 2ft 4ft 5ft 6ft these tubes are ideal for resulting in massive savings in
electricity costs

Energy Efficient LED Tubes

T5/T8 LED Tubes

Light source: SMD 2835 high-bright LED      
Materials: Aluminium+PVC           
LED chip: Epistar LED chip        
Working Voltage: AC85265V           
Power: 10Watts/ 15watts/ 20watts / 23wats         
Lifespan: 60,000Hours            
PF: 95 / CRI: 80

Colour:  White, Warm white, other colours available

Bright Led Light Panels And Tubes Installation by HA-Electric

LED products are being favoured by many people these days, for use in homes, offices, industry and shops. This is because they are energy
efficient and that means that money can be saved on energy bills as well as them being kinder to the environment. This is why HA Electric have a
fantastic range of lights which re suitable for many different situations.

It is possible to buy everything from petrol canopy LED lights to office LED lights. This means that whether you are buying huge outdoor lights or
small internal ones you will be able to find LED ceiling lights that will suit your needs. Our products are of the best quality but also a competitive
price which means that you will get fantastic value for money. All of our LED panel lights come with a 3 year guarantee as well, so you can be
confident in our products.

As well as supplying LED lights, we can also fit them as well. We have many customers that already use our products across the EU such as
Bargain Booz, Costcutter, NISA and some Post Offices as well. They have found that our bright LED lights have been suitable for their needs and
this means that you will as well. You do not have to be a retailer though as we have fitted numerous suspended ceiling lights for lots of
companies as well as providing products for domestic customers as well.

New lights can make a huge difference to a company. To brighten the environment where people are working or shopping can see a big increase
in productivity or consumption. This can be great news for a business which is why many of them now have to quality LED lights. We have many
options to choose from such as LED 60x60 lights or bright tube lights.

What you choose may depend on the space that you have as well as what you already have there. We have a big variety to select from but if are
unsure as to whether it is best to choose a 40w LED panel, LED tube lights or LED panel light 600 x 600, then we can help. We are happy to give
you a free quotation, so you will be able to find out how much different options will cost.

You will be able to calculate whether commercial LED lighting will be within your budget and it is worth getting a quote for led light installation as
well so that you know how much that will cost to. You may find that the fluorescent LED replacement is a lot cheaper than you thought and once
you have it done you will wish you did it sooner. The positives of having new lighting will be huge.

With a lighter environment causing an increase in profits you have nothing to lose by improving your lights. Our products are certified with CE,
ROSH and TUV certification too so you know that they pass all of the safety standards.
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